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UPDATED 5-25-18 Imperial Crates Cooking and Alchemy.
Box/Crate Craft Skill Box/Crate Price Price Each Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2
Fried FishCookingApprentice150,0007,50020 Fried Fish
Boiled EggCookingApprentice138,7506,93820 Boild Egg
Meat StewCookingSkilled 195,0009,75020 Meat Stew
Soft BreadCookingSkilled 192,5009,62520 Soft Bread
Fish Fillet ChipCookingSkilled160,0008,00020 Fish Fillet Chip
Fruit PuddingCookingSkilled212,50010,62520 Fruit Pudding
Meat PieCookingProfessional210,0007,00030 Meat Pie
Good SmellingCookingProfessional217,5007,25030 Tea with Fine Scent
OmeletCookingProfessional205,0005,12540 Omelet
SteakCookingProfessional242,50012,12520 Steak
Meat CroquetteCookingArtisan410,00010,25040 Meat Croquette
Cheese GratingCookingArtisan290,0007,25040 Cheese Grating
Desert DumplingCookingArtisan277,5006,93840 Desert Dumpling
Honey WineCookingArtisan190,0003,80050 Honey Wine
Seafood PastaCookingMaster325,0008,12540 Seafood Pasta
Beehive CookieCookingMaster362,5009,06340 Beehive Cookie
Sute TeaCookingMaster472,5007,87560 Sute Tea
Dark PuddingCookingMaster472,5007,87560 Dark Pudding
Meat SandwichCookingMaster480,00012,00040 Meat Sandwich
Milk TeaCookingMaster437,5008,75050 Milk Tea
Ham SandwichCookingMaster575,00011,50050 Ham Sandwich
Alchemy BoxAlchemyApprentice150,0003,75020 Clear Liquid Reagent20 Pure Powder Reagent
Elixir of WingsAlchemyApprentice195,00019,50010 Elixir of Wings
Elixir of SealAlchemySkilled167,50016,75010 Elixir of Seal
Elixir of EnergyAlchemySkilled207,50010,37520 Elixir of Energy
Elixir of MentalityAlchemySkilled205,60010,28020 Elixir of Mentality
Secret Alchemy BoxAlchemyProfessional265,00013,25010 Elixir of Swiftness10 Elixir of Wind
Sturdy Alchemy BoxAlchemyProfessional252,50012,62510 Workers Elixir10 Fishers Elixir
Elixir of AmityAlchemyProfessional255,00012,75020 Elixir of Amity
Elixir of Demihuman HuntAlchemyProfessional315,00012,60025 Elixir of Demihuman Hunt
Grim ReapersAlchemyArtisan375,00025,00015 Grim Reapers
Precious Alchemy BoxAlchemyArtisan375,00012,50015 Elixir of Thorns15 Elixir of Will
Artisans Elixir of Sky Alchemy BoxAlchemyArtisan550,00036,66715 Elixir of Sky
Elixir of Carnage Alchemy BoxAlchemyArtisan525,00021,00025 Elixir of Carnage
Elixir of Detection Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster705,00035,25020 Elixir of Detection
Elixir of Death Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster775,00022,14335 Elixir of Death
Elixir of Golden Hand Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster1,107,50022,15050 Golden Hand Elixir
Elixir of Frenzy Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster560,00018,66730 Elixir of Frenzy
Elixir of Penetration Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster507,50020,30025 Elixir of Penetration
Elixir of Assassination Alchemy BoxAlchemyMaster505,00020,20025 Elixir of Assassination

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