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Starch = Potato,Corn,Barley,Sweet Potato, or Wheat
Vegetable = Tomato, Paprika, Pumpkin, Cabbage, or Olive
Fruit = Strawberry,Grape,Apple,Cherry,Pear,Banana, or Pineapple
Bird meat = Kuku, Chicken, Flamingo
12-8-18 Updated with Drieghan recipes!
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Total Listed Recipes 106
Recipe Cook XP Level Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5
Aloe Cookie400Beginner 65 Aloe7 Dough3 Honey4 Sugar
Aloe Yogurt400Beginner 65 Aloe2 Milk3 Sugar3 Leavening Agent
Assorted Side Dishes1100Apprentice 61 Fried Bird2 Seafood3 Cheese5 Fruit
Balenos Meal1600Skiled 61 Cheese Gratin1 Meat Croquette1 Smoked Fish Steak2 Stir-Fried Vegetables2 Beer
Beer400Beginner 15 Starch6 MIneral Water1 Sugar2 Leavening Agent
Boiled Bird Eggs400Beginner 63 Egg6 MIneral Water1 Cooking Wine1 Salt
Borscht700Apprentice 17 Fragrant Jerky3 Milk1 Cinnamon2 Mineral Water
Butter-Roasted Lobster800Skilled 11 Lobster4 Butter5 Salt5 Olive Oil3 Garlic
Calpheon Meal1600Skiled 62 Soft Bread1 Milk Tea1 Fish Filet Salad1 Cheese Pie1 Meat Pasta
Cheese Gratin1000Apprentice 61 Grilled Sausage5 Dough4 Vegetable3 Cheese3 Red Sauce
Cheese Pie1000Apprentice 64 Dough7 Cheese3 Butter3 Egg
Coconut Cocktail800Professional 12 Coconut1 Exotic Herbal Wine2 Essence of Liquor1 Fruit5 Mineral Water
Coconut Fried Fish800Professional 13 Coconut1 Fish2 Egg3 Dough4 Deep Frying Oil
Coconut Pasta800Professional 12 Coconut2 Onion4 Garlic5 Dough1 White Sauce
Couscous1200Skiled 61 Freekeh Snake Stew6 Teff Flour Dough3 Nutmeg4 Vegetable
Dark Pudding1000Skilled 11 Oatmeal1 Pickled Vegetables5 Bird Meat7 Blood 2
Date Palm Wine1000Apprentice 65 Date Palm2 Essence of Liquor1 Sugar4 Leavening Agent
Desert Dumpling700Apprentice 16 Reptile Meat6 Dough1 Cinnamon2 Olive Oil
Dressing400Beginner 11 Egg1 Mineral Water1 Olive Oil2 Salt
Energizing Cron MealProfessional 11 Special Drieghanese Meal3 Serendia Meal3 Mediah Meal1 Ancient Cron Spice
Essence of Liquor400Beginner 11 Flour1 Fruit1 Leavening Agent
Exotic Herbal Wine400Beginner 13 Dough1 Essence of Liquor5 Mineral Water2 Leavening Agent
Fig Pie700Apprentice 15 Fig3 Dough3 Sugar2 Olive Oil
Fish Filet Salad700Apprentice 12 Fish2 Dressing3 Onion2 Cheese
Fish Fillet Chips700Apprentice 12 Fish3 White Sauce7 Flour2 Salt
Fish Soup700Apprentice 11 Fish3 Flour2 Cream6 Mineral Water
Five-Grain Chicken Porridge800Skilled 52 Ground Bird Meat2 Mineral Water3 Starch
Freekeh Snake Stew700Apprentice 13 Snake Meat6 Freekah2 Star Anise5 Mineral Water
Fried Bird700Apprentice 17 Bird Meat4 Flour2 Egg3 Pepper
Fried Fish400Apprentice 11 Fish3 Flour2 Deep Frying Oil
Fried Vegetables400Beginner 64 Vegetable4 Dough2 Egg2 Deep Frying Oil
Fruit and Vegetable Salad700Apprentice 14 Fruit4 Vegetable1 Vinegar2 Cooking Wine
Fruit Juice400Beginner 14 Fruit3 Sugar5 Mineral Water1 Salt
Fruit Pie1000Apprentice 66 Fruit6 Dough3 Cream4 Sugar
Fruit Pudding400Beginner 65 Fruit1 Cream3 Milk2 Sugar
Fruit Wine700Apprentice 15 Fruit1 Exotic Herbal Wine3 Essence of Liquor2 Mineral Water
Ghormeh SabziProfessional 15 Yak Meat2 Starch5 Garlic2 Salt1 Milk
Good Feed800Apprentice 11 Fish6 Meat4 Flour3 Mineral Water
Grain Soup400Beginner 16 Starch3 Mineral Water3 Cooking Wine1 Salt
Grilled Bird Meat800Skilled 12 Bird Meat6 Deep Frying Oil2 Cooking wine1 Salt
Grilled Sausage400Beginner 66 Meat1 Onion2 Pepper2 Salt
Grilled Scorpion1000Skilled 13 Scorpion Meat2 Butter3 Nutmeg3 Hot Pepper
Ham Sandwich1000Skilled 12 Soft Bread2 Grilled Sausage5 Vegetable4 Egg
Hard-boiled Gargoyle Leg1000Artisan 11 Gargoyle Leg2 Exotic Herbal Wine3 Onion3 Garlic2 Vinegar
Hard-Boiled Shellfish800Skilled 12 Seafood5 Essence of Liquor5 Garlic5 Hot Pepper5 Olive Oil
High-Quality Carrot Juice400Beginner 11 High-Quality Carrot3 Flour3 Sugar4 Mineral Water
Honey Wine700Apprentice 13 Honey2 Essence of Liquor2 Sugar6 Mineral Water
Honeycomb Cookie1000Apprentice 66 Honey4 Dough2 Egg4 Milk
Hunter's Salad800Apprentice 11 Soft Whale Meat2 Vinegar2 Dressing5 Garlic
Kamasylvia Meal2400Master 61 RB Mushroom Sandwich1 Coconut Pasta1 Fig Pie2 Fruit Wine1 RB Mushroom Cheese Melt
Khalk's Fermented Wine1600Professional 11 Fugitive Khalk's Horn5 Honey Wine6 Date Palm6 Leavening Agent6 Sugar
King of Jungle Hamburg1600Professional 14 Lion Meat4 Teff Bread2 Pickled Vegetables3 Nutmeg
Knight Combat Rations2400Skilled 61 Dark Pudding1 Ham Sandwich1 Meat Croquette1 Fruit Wine
Lean Meat Salad1000Apprentice 68 Meat2 Vinegar3 Pepper4 Dressing
Lizard Kebab400Beginner 66 Reptile Meat2 Red Sauce3 Onion7 Starch
Margoria Seafood Meal2400Artisan 11 Prawn Salad1 Steamd Prawn1 Stir-Fried Oyster1 Butter-Roasted Lobster2 Fruit Wine
Meat Croquette1000Apprentice 18 Meat5 Flour2 Egg2 Cheese4 Deep Frying Oil
Meat Pasta700Apprentice 15 Meat4 Dough3 Pepper2 Garlic
Meat Pie700Apprentice 14 Meat6 Dough2 Sugar2 Olive Oil
Meat Sandwich1000Apprentice 61 Soft Bread7 Meat6 Vegetable3 Cheese
Meat Soup400Beginner 65 Meat1 Pepper2 Cream4 Mineral Water
Meat Stew400Beginner 65 Meat2 Flour3 Mineral Water2 Cooking Wine
Mediah Meal1600Skilled 11 Dark Pudding1 Oatmeal2 Grilled Sausage1 Lean Meat Salad2 Exotic Herbal Wine
Milk Tea1000Skilled 12 Tea With Fine Scent2 Flour3 Milk3 Honey
Oatmeal700Apprentice 19 Flour3 Milk3 Onion2 Honey
Omelet700Apprentice 15 Starch5 Egg2 Olive Oil2 Salt
Organic Feed1200Apprentice 62 Fish2 Oatmeal5 Meat4 Bird Meat
Pan-Fried Oyster800Artisan 13 Oyster2 Egg5 Flour2 Vinegar3 Olive Oil
Pickled Fish700Apprentice 11 Fish2 Vinegar2 Leavening Agent4 Salt
Pickled Vegetables700Apprentice 18 Vegetable4 Vinegar2 Leavening Agent2 Sugar
Pistachio Fried Rice1000Beginner 64 Pistachio6 Teff2 Cinnamon2 Salt
Prawn Salad800Skilled 12 Shrimp3 Olive Oil2 Salt3 Egg2 Fruit and Vegetable Salad
RB Mushroom Cheese Melt800Artisan 11 RB Mushroom2 Meat2 Cheese3 Salt4 Olive Oil
RB Mushroom Sandwich800Artisan 11 RB Mushroom1 Soft Bread2 Cream2 Onion4 Olive Oil
Red Sauce400Beginner 11 Meat1 Base Sauce2 Sugar2 Mineral Water
Roast MarmotProfessional 15 Marmot Meat3 Hot Pepper2 Salt1 Red Sauce3 Cooking Wine
Seafood Grilled With Butter400Beginner 61 Seafood3 Butter2 Salt1 Olive Oil
Seafood Mushroom Salad400Beginner 61 Seafood1 Fortune Teller Mushroom2 Dressing
Seafood Pasta700Apprentice 12 Seafood5 Dough3 Garlic3 Cooking Wine
Serendia Meal1600Skilled 61 Ham Sandwich1 Meat Pie1 Honeycomb Cookie2 Boiled Bird Eggs2 Fruit Wine
Skewered Llama Cheese MeltProfessional 15 Llama Meat4 Cheese3 Hot Pepper1 Pepper1 White Sauce
Smoked Fish Steak700Apprentice 12 Fish2 Salt3 Olive Oil
Soft Bread400Beginner 66 Dough2 Egg3 Milk2 Leavening Agent
Special Arehaza Meal2400Artisan 12 Coconut Cocktail1 Coconut Pasta1 Coconut Fried Fish1 Meat Stew1 Steak
Special Carrot Juice700Beginner 61 Special Carrot3 Flour3 Sugar4 Mineral Water
Special Drieghanese MealProfessional 11 Skewered Llama Cheese Melt1 Stir-Fried Bracken1 Roast Marmot1 Ghormeh Sabzi2 Honey Wine
Steak700Apprentice 18 Meat2 Red Sauce2 Garlic2 Salt
Steamed Bird700Apprentice 15 Bird Meat3 Vegetable2 Essence of Liquor2 Vinegar2 Salt
Steamed Fish400Beginner 61 Fish2 Garlic3 Mineral Water2 Salt
Steamed Prawn800Skilled 14 Shrimp3 Paprika2 Hot Pepper3 Cooking Wine4 Mineral Water
Steamed Seafood700Apprentice 12 Seafood3 Hot Pepper6 Mineral Water2 Salt
Steamed Whale Meat1000Skilled 11 Blue Whale Meat1 Honey Wine4 Garlic6 Mineral Water2 Salt
Stir-Fried BrackenProfessional 18 Bracken5 Garlic2 Salt5 Mineral Water2 Olive Oil
Stir-fried Gazelle Hind Leg1000Artisan 11 Gazelle Hind Leg4 Garlic5 Olive Oil3 Cabbage5 Salt
Stir-Fried Meat700Apprentice 17 Meat2 Onion3 Hot Pepper2 Base Sauce
Stir-Fried Seafood400Beginner 61 Seafood4 Vegetable2 White Sauce2 Hot Pepper
Stir-Fried Vegetables400Beginner 65 Vegetable2 Hot Pepper2 Olive Oil1 Salt
Sute Tea1000Skilled 12 Tea With Fine Scent2 Butter3 Milk1 Salt
Sweet Honey Wine400Apprentice 12 Top-Quality Cooking Honey4 Full-Bodied Exotic Wine10 Sugar2 Fruit Wine
Tea With Fine Scent700Apprentice 14 Plants4 Fruit3 Honey7 Mineral Water
Teff Bread400Beginner 65 Teff Flour3 Mineral Water2 Salt2 Leavening Agent
Teff Sandwich1600Professional 11 Teff Bread1 Grilled Scorpion1 Freekeh Snake Stew3 Red Sauce
Valencian Meal2400Professional 61 Teff Sandwich1 King of Jungle Hamburg1 Couscous2 Fig Pie2 Date Palm Wine
Vinegar400Beginner 11 Fruit1 Starch1 Leavening Agent1 Sugar
Whale Meat Salad1000Skilled 11 Blue Whale Meat6 Vegetable2 Dressing3 Egg4 Pepper
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