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Current Game time: 11:45:05

Choose THEME:

Starch = Potato,Corn,Barley,Sweet Potato, or Wheat
Vegetable = Tomato, Paprika, Pumpkin, Cabbage, or Olive
Fruit = Strawberry,Grape,Apple,Cherry,Pear,Banana, or Pineapple
Bird meat = Kuku, Chicken, Flamingo

Total Listed Recipes 92
Recipe Level Ingredient 1 Quanitiy Ingredient 2 Quanitiy Ingredient 3 Quanitiy Ingredient 4 Quanitiy Ingredient 5 Quanitiy Buff
White SauceBeginner 1Fruit1Milk1Base Sauce1Cooking Wine20None
VinegarBeginner 1Fruit1Starch1Leavening Agent1Sugar10None
Red SauceBeginner 1Meat1Base Sauce1Sugar2Mineral Water20None
High-Quality Carrot JuiceBeginner 1High-Quality Carrot1Flour3Sugar3Mineral Water40Horse HP +200
Grain SoupBeginner 1Starch6Mineral Water3Cooking WIne3Salt10Gathering Speed +1
Fruit JuiceBeginner 1Fruit4Sugar3Mineral Water5Salt10MP +30
Exotic Herbal WineBeginner 1Dough3Essence of Liquor1Mineral Water5Leavening Agent20Fishing Speed +1
Essence of LiquorBeginner 1Flour1Fruit1Leavening Agent100None
BeerBeginner 1Starch5MIneral Water6Sugar1Leavening Agent20Worker Stamina +2
DressingBeginner 1Egg1Mineral Water1Olive Oil1Salt20None
Aloe CookieBeginner 6Aloe5Dough7Honey3Sugar40Accuracy +4
Aloe YogurtBeginner 6Aloe5Milk2Sugar3Leavening Agent30Fishing Speed +1
Boiled Bird EggsBeginner 6Egg3MIneral Water6Cooking Wine1Salt10AP +1
Soft BreadBeginner 6Dough6Egg2Milk3Leavening Agent20Stamina +100
Fried VegetablesBeginner 6Vegetable4Dough4Egg2Deep Frying Oil20HP Recovery +2
Fruit PuddingBeginner 6Fruit5Cream1Milk3Sugar20MP Recovery +2
Teff BreadBeginner 6Teff Flour5Mineral Water3Salt2Leavening Agent20Cook Alch time reduction .3s
Stir-Fried VegetablesBeginner 6Vegetable5Hot Pepper2Olive Oil2Salt10Jump Height +1
Stir-Fried SeafoodBeginner 6Seafood1Vegetable4White Sauce2Hot Pepper20Casting Speed +1
Steamed FishBeginner 6Fish1Garlic2Mineral Water3Salt20All Accuracy +4
Special Carrot JuiceBeginner 6Special Carrot1Flour3Sugar3Mineral Water40Horse HP +300
Seafood Mushroom SaladBeginner 6Seafood1Fortune Teller Mushroom1Dressing200Wegiht Limit +20
Meat StewBeginner 6Meat5Flour2Mineral Water3Cooking Wine20Max HP +30
Meat SoupBeginner 6Meat5Pepper1Cream2Mineral Water40Critical Hit Rate +1
Lizard KebabBeginner 6Reptile Meat6Red Sauce2Onion3Starch70Stamina +100
Seafood Grilled With ButterBeginner 6Seafood1Butter3Salt2Olive Oil10Attack Speed +1
Grilled SausageBeginner 6Meat6Onion1Pepper2Salt20AP +1
Pistachio Fried RiceBeginner 6Pistachio4Teff6Cinnamon2Salt20Processing +3% Chance
Good FeedApprentice 1Fish1Meat6Flour4Mineral Water30Pet Food +40
OatmealApprentice 1Flour9Milk3Onion3Honey20Worker Stamina +5
Smoked Fish SteakApprentice 1Fish2Salt2Olive Oil300Attack Speed +1
Seafood PastaApprentice 1Seafood2Dough5Garlic3Cooking WIne30Casting Speed +1
Pickled VegetablesApprentice 1Vegetable8Vinegar4Leavening Agent2Sugar20Gathering Speed +1
Pickled FishApprentice 1Fish1Vinegar2Leavening Agent2Salt40Amity +5%
OmeletApprentice 1Starch5Egg5Olive Oil2Salt20Damage Reduction +2
Meat PieApprentice 1Meat4Dough6Sugar2Olive Oil20Stamina +200
Meat PastaApprentice 1Meat5Dough4Pepper3Garlic20Weight Limit +40
Meat CroquetteApprentice 1Meat8Flour5Egg2Cheese2Deep Frying Oil4Combat EXP +5%
Hunter's SaladApprentice 1Soft Whale Meat1Essence of Liquor2Dressing2Garlic50Hunting Damage +1000
Honey WineApprentice 1Honey3Essence of Liquor2Sugar2Mineral Water60Damage Reduction +2
Fruit WineApprentice 1Fruit5Exotic Herbal Wine1Essence of Liquor3Mineral Water20Fishing Speed +1
Fruit and Vegetable SaladApprentice 1Fruit4Vegetable4Vinegar1Cooking WIne20MP Recovery +5
Fried BirdApprentice 1Bird Meat7Flour4Egg2Pepper30HP Recovery +5
SteakApprentice 1Meat8Red Sauce2Garlic2Salt20HP +50
Steamed BirdApprentice 1Bird Meat5Vegetable3Essence of Liquor2Vinegar2Salt2Combat EXP +3%
BorschtApprentice 1Fragrant Jerky7Milk3Cinnamon1Mineral Water20Max Energy +10
Desert DumplingApprentice 1Reptile Meat6Dough6Cinnamon1Olive Oil20Stamina +200
Fig PieApprentice 1Fig5Dough3Sugar3Olive Oil20Gathering result +3%
Fish Filet SaladApprentice 1Fish2Dressing2Onion3Cheese20Movement speed +1
Fish SoupApprentice 1Fish1Flour3Cream2Mineral Water60Critical Hit Rate +1
Fish Fillet ChipApprentice 1Fish2White Sauce3Flour7Salt20Worker Stamina +5
Freekeh Snake StewApprentice 1Snake Meat3Freekah6Star Anise2Mineral Water50Worker Stamina +5
Tea With Fine ScentApprentice 1Plants4Fruit4Honey3Mineral Water70MP +50
Stir-Fried MeatApprentice 1Meat7Onion2Hot Pepper3Base Sauce20AP +2
Steamed SeafoodApprentice 1Seafood2Hot Pepper3Mineral Water6Salt20Accuracy +6
Fried FishApprentice 1Fish1Flour3Deep Frying Oil200Movement speed +1
Beehive CookieApprentice 6Honey6Dough4Egg2Milk40Weight Limit +50 Fishing Speed 1
Organic FeedApprentice 6Fish2Oatmeal2Meat5Bird Meat40Pet Food +70
Cheese PieApprentice 6Dough4Cheese7Butter3Egg30Worker Stamina +7
Date Palm WineApprentice 6Date Palm5Essence of Liquor2Sugar1Leavening Agent40Evasion
Lean Meat SaladApprentice 6Meat8Vinegar2Pepper3Dressing40Damage Reduction 3 HP recovery 5
Meat SandwichApprentice 6Soft Bread1Meat7Vegetable6Cheese30Movement Speed 1 Stamina 200
Cheese GratinApprentice 6Grilled Sausage1Dough5Vegetable4Cheese3Red Sauce3HP +70 Attack Speed 1
Fruit PieApprentice 6Fruit6Dough6Cream3Sugar40MP +70 Casting Speed 1
Assorted Side DishesApprentice 6Fried Bird1Seafood2Cheese3Fruit50Life EXP +5%
Milk TeaSkilled 1Tea With Fine Scent2Flour2Milk3Honey30Combat EXP +8%
Steamed Whale MeatSkilled 1Blue Whale Meat1Honey Wine1Garlic4Mineral Water6Salt2Damage Reduction +2 Evasion +8
Sute TeaSkilled 1Tea With Fine Scent2Butter2Milk3Salt10Life EXP +8%
Whale Meat SaladSkilled 1Blue Whale Meat1Vegetable6Dressing2Egg3Pepper4Life EXP +10%
Mediah MealSkilled 1Dark Pudding1Oatmeal1Grilled Sausage2Lean Meat Salad1Exotic Herbal Wine2Attack +5 Attack Speed +1 Casting Speed +1
Steamed PrawnSkilled 1Shrimp4Paprika3Hot Pepper2Cooking Wine3Mineral Water4Movement +2 Grapple Res +10%
Prawn SaladSkilled 1Shrimp2Olive Oil3Salt2Egg3Fruit and Vegetable Salad2Weight +40lt Knockback/Float res +10%
Stir-Fried OysterSkilled 1Oyster3Egg2Flour5Vinegar2Olive Oil3Attack/Cast Speed +2 Stune res +10%
Butter-Roasted LobsterSkilled 1Lobster1Butter4Salt5Olive Oil5Garlic3Crit +2 Knockdown res +10%
Ham SandwichSkilled 1Soft Bread2Grilled Sausage2Vegetable5Egg40AP +3 ACC +8
Grilled ScorpionSkilled 1Scorpion Meat3Butter2Nutmeg3Hot Pepper30Monster Damage Decrease
Dark PuddingSkilled 1Oatmeal1Pickled Vegetables1Bird Meat5Blood 270AP +3 Damage Against Humans +2
Hard-Boiled ShellfishSkilled 1Seafood2Essence of Liquor5Garlic5Hot Pepper5Olivie Oil5Gather rank +2 UnderwaterBreathing +10s
Calpheon MealSkiled 6Soft Bread2Milk Tea1Fish Filet Salad1Cheese Pie1Meat Pasta1DMG Reduction 1 Max HP 100 HP Recovery 5
Balenos MealSkiled 6Cheese Gratin1Meat Croquette1Smoked Fish Steak1Stir-Fried Vegetables2Beer2Movement Speed 2 Fishing Speed 2 Gather Speed 2
CouscousSkiled 6Freekeh Snake Stew1Teff Flour Dough6Nutmeg3Vegetable40Processing +5% Chance
Knight Combat RationsSkilled 6Dark Pudding1Ham Sandwich1Meat Croquette1Fruit Wine10All Attack +5 Damage Against Humans +5 Damage Reduction +5
Serendia MealSkilled 6Ham Sandwich1Meat Pie1Beehive Cookie1Boiled Bird Eggs2Fruit Wine2All Attack +5 Accuracy +10 Critical Hit Chance +1
Coconut CocktailProfessional 1Coconut2Exotic Herbal Wine1Essence of Liquor2Fruit1Mineral Water5Fish Time -5%
Coconut Fried FishProfessional 1Coconut3Fish1Egg2Dough3Deep Frying Oil4Movement Speed +1 Critical +1
Coconut PastaProfessional 1Coconut2Onion2Garlic4Dough5White Sauce1Heat Sunstroke resistence 10%
Khalk's Fermented WineProfessional 1Fugitive Khalk's Horn1Honey Wine5Date Palm6Leavening Agent6Sugar6All Attack 7 Movement Speed 1 Hp Recovery 10 Hunting +700
King Of Jungle HamburgProfessional 1Lion Meat4Teff Bread4Pickled Vegetables2Nutmeg30All Resistance 3% Critical DMG increase
Teff SandwichProfessional 1Teff Bread1Grilled Scorpion1Freekeh Snake Stew1Red Sauce30Cook Alch time reduction .5s
Valencian MealProfessional 6Teff Sandwich1King of Jungle Hamburg1Couscous1Fig Pie2Date Palm Wine2Resistance 4% debuff resistance 4% evasion +6 DMG decrease from monster
Margoria Seafood ExtravaganzaArtisan 1Prawn Salad1Steamd Prawn1Stir-Fried Oyster1Butter-Roasted Lobster1Fruit Wine2Weight 50lt Movement +2 Crit + 2 HP +100
Arehaza SpecialArtisan 1Coconut Cocktail2Coconut Pasta1Coconut Fried Fish1Meat Stew1Steak1Sun/heatstroke -5% fish time 5% Move Speed 2 Crit 1

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