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List of the Special Named Unique workers, Their Name,Node,City Affiliation, Race, Skill,Workspeed,Move Speed, Luck, and Stamina.
Worker Name Node City Affiliation Race Skill Workspeed Movespeed Luck Stamina
TirolDias FarmCalpheonGoblinMass production speed +5903.555
NavaraAbandoned LandCalpheonGiantPolishing workshop speed +56031515
BercchioNorthern Wheat PlantationCalpheonGiantFurniture production speed +5402.8530
JugrutaLynch RanchHeidelGoblin30% recovery chance to recover 2 energy85458
TorresAlejandro FarmHeidelGoblinGives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting753.5512
AlzathMoretti PlantationHeidelHumanWork speed +54532013
DiochreElda FarmHeidelGiantGives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting552.5525
AcherExtraction MillHeidelGiantReform speed +5502530
KhaoraFalres Dirt FarmKeplanGoblinRefinery work speed +57041010
SixtoKeplanKeplanHumanCannon/Siege weapon production speed +5452.51025
TarteGabino FarmTrentHumanTool production speed +5503.21515
BravantTrentTrentGoblin30% of increasing recovery by +3 during recovery754.558
ParcciFinto FarmVeliaGiantNode work speed +5452.5530
DarifuBartali FarmVeliaGoblinShip/Carriage/Horse gear production speed +5803.5510
VongoleLoggia FarmVeliaGoblin30% chance of increasing recovery by +3 during rec704510
NovaraToscani FarmVeliaHuman30% recovery chance to recover 1 energy5031515
SterieBalenos ForestVeliaGiantRefinery specialty work speed +5402.5530

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