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Update 3-18-18 CP Reductions updated
CP cook Calculator!
Contribution Chart (CP)

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Worker Name Node City Affiliation Race Skill Workspeed Movespeed Luck Stamina
TirolDias FarmCalpheonGoblinMass production speed +5903.555
NavaraAbandoned LandCalpheonGiantPolishing workshop speed +56031515
BercchioNorthern Wheat PlantationCalpheonGiantFurniture production speed +5402.8530
JugrutaLynch RanchHeidelGoblin30% recovery chance to recover 2 energy85458
TorresAlejandro FarmHeidelGoblinGives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting753.5512
AlzathMoretti PlantationHeidelHumanWork speed +54532013
DiochreElda FarmHeidelGiantGives a low chance of returning 100% of 1 crafting552.5525
AcherExtraction MillHeidelGiantReform speed +5502530
KhaoraFalres Dirt FarmKeplanGoblinRefinery work speed +57041010
SixtoKeplanKeplanHumanCannon/Siege weapon production speed +5452.51025
TarteGabino FarmTrentHumanTool production speed +5503.21515
BravantTrentTrentGoblin30% of increasing recovery by +3 during recovery754.558
ParcciFinto FarmVeliaGiantNode work speed +5452.5530
DarifuBartali FarmVeliaGoblinShip/Carriage/Horse gear production speed +5803.5510
VongoleLoggia FarmVeliaGoblin30% chance of increasing recovery by +3 during rec704510
NovaraToscani FarmVeliaHuman30% recovery chance to recover 1 energy5031515
SterieBalenos ForestVeliaGiantRefinery specialty work speed +5402.5530

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