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*If these recipes fail use more ingredients or raise Alchemy level*

Blood 1: Wolf, Flamingo, Rhino, Cheetah (Clown's)
Blood 2: Deer, Sheep, Goat, Cow, Pig, Ox, Waragon (Sinner's)
Blood 3: Weasel, Fox, Racoon (Wiseman's)
Blood 4: Bear, Troll, Ogre (Tyrant's)
Blood 5: Worm, Lizard, Bat, Kuku (Legendary Beast's)
12-8-18 Updated with Drieghan recipes!
Alchemy Buffs Moved Here.

Total Listed Recipes 78
Recipe Level Alch XP Ingredient 1 Ingredient 2 Ingredient 3 Ingredient 4 Ingredient 5
Antidote ElixirBeginner 14001 Pure Powder Reagent1 Weeds2 Blood 23 Olive Oil
Broken Alchemy StoneSkilled 110 Shining Powder3 Sinner's Blood5 Powder of Time10 Pure Powder Reagents10 Clear Liquid Reagents
Clear Liquid ReagentBeginner 14001 Salt1 Sunrise Herb1 Weeds1 Purified Water
Clown's BloodApprentice 18001 Spirit's Leaf1 Powder of Darkness1 Clear Liquid Reagent2 Blood 1
Defense ElixirApprentice 14601 Clear Liquid Reagent6 Ash Sap5 Blood 23 Purified Water
Elixir of AmityApprentice 19201 Legendary Beast's Blood5 Fire Flake Flower6 Ash Sap3 Black Stone Powder
Elixir of AssassinationSkilled 116101 Oil of Regeneration5 Pure Powder Reagent4 Amanita Mushroom2 Red Tree Lump2 Trace of Memory
Elixir of Burn RemovalBeginner 14001 Clear Liquid Reagent1 Purified Water2 Fruit2 Weeds
Elixir of CarnageSkilled 116101 Oil of Corruption7 Pure Powder Reagent6 Tiger Mushroom3 Spirit's Leaf3 Trace of Earth
Elixir of ConcentrationApprentice 14601 Clear Liquid Reagent3 Cloud Mushroom2 Wild Grass3 Blood 4
Elixir of DeathSkilled 19201 Oil of Tranquility6 Clear Liquid Reagent2 Ancient Mushroom7 Ash Sap2 Trace of Death
Elixir of Deep SeaSkilled 120001 Oil of the Abyss2 Coral Crystal5 Clear Liquid Reagent5 Arrow Mushroom6 white Cedar Sap
Elixir of Demihuman HuntApprentice 19201 Sinner's Blood4 Arrow Mushroom4 Fir Sap3 Black Stone Powder
Elixir of DetectionSkilled 116101 Oil of Storms6 Pure Powder Reagent3 Truffle Mushroom2 Old Tree Bark3 Trace of Savagery
Elixir of DrainingSkilled 116101 Oil of Fortitude4 Clear Liquid Reagent3 Hump Mushroom4 Birch Sap2 Trace of Forest
Elixir of EnduranceApprentice 14601 Pure Powder Reagent2 Dwarf Mushroom5 Birch Sap4 Blood 4
Elixir of EnergyApprentice 14601 Pure Powder Reagent4 Blood 33 Purified Water2 Small MP Potion
Elixir of Fond MemoriesBeginner 11 Incomplete 1st Element1 Arenda's Special Synthesis Base1 Oil of Regeneration2 Trace of Memory
Elixir of FrenzySkilled 116101 Oil of Regeneration5 Clear Liquid Reagent5 Cedar Sap3 Trace of Battle2 Ghost Mushroom
Elixir of FuryApprentice 14604 Dwarf Mushroom1 Ash Sap4 Blood 43 Purified Water
Elixir of HemostasisBeginner 14001 Pure Powder Reagent1 Cloud Mushroom1 Ash Sap3 Purified Water
Elixir of Human HuntApprentice 19201 Clown's Blood5 Fortune Teller's Mushroom5 Maple Sap3 Black Stone Powder
Elixir of LifeApprentice 14601 Pure Powder Reagent3 Silver Azalea5 Blood 33 Small HP Potion
Elixir of MentalityApprentice 14601 Clear Liquid Reagent5 Ash Sap3 Purified Water3 Small MP Potion
Elixir of PerforationSkilled 116101 Oil of Corruption4 Clear Liquid Reagent5 Bluffer Mushroom5 Pine Sap2 Trace of Violence
Elixir of ResistanceApprentice 14603 Cloud Mushroom1 Birch Sap7 Blood 13 Purified Water
Elixir of SealApprentice 14603 Dwarf Mushroom1 Birch Sap4 Blood 15 Purified Water
Elixir of ShockSkilled 19201 Clown's Blood5 Tiger Mushroom7 Cedar Sap3 Powder of Time
Elixir of SkySkilled 116101 Oil of Tranquility6 Pure Powder Reagent5 Emperor Mushroom3 Bloody Tree Knot3 Trace of Ascension
Elixir of SpellsApprentice 19201 Tyrant's Blood5 Fire Flake Flower3 Maple Sap2 Powder of Darkness
Elixir of SwiftnessApprentice 19201 Legendary Beast's Blood5 Arrow Mushroom5 Birch Sap2 Powder of Darkness
Elixir of TimeApprentice 19201 Wise Man's Blood6 Fire Flake Flower5 Maple Sap2 Powder of Time
Elixir of TrainingApprentice 19201 Legendary Beast's Blood7 Silver Azalea4 Pine Sap2 Powder of Crevice
Elixir of WillApprentice 14601 Pure Powder Reagent4 Sunrise Herb6 Blood 13 Purified Water
Elixir of WindApprentice 19201 Wise Man's Blood5 Fortune Teller's Mushroom5 Pine Sap2 Powder of Darkness
Elixir of WingsApprentice 14602 Silver Azalea1 Ash Sap4 Blood 45 Purified Water
Essence of AbundanceApprentice 19002 Fruit of Abundance6 Cloud Mushroom6 Birch Sap2 Trace of Ascension
Essence of Crimson FlameApprentice 19002 Fruit of Crimson Flame6 Dwarf Mushroom6 Ash Sap2 Trace of Ascension
Essence of DestructionApprentice 19002 Fruit of Destruction6 Silver Azalea6 Pine Sap2 Powder of Flame
Essence of EnchantmentApprentice 19002 Fruit of Enchantment3 Fire Flake Flower4 Ash Sap2 Powder of Darkness
Essence of Magic PowerApprentice 19002 Fruit of Magic Power6 Dry Mane Grass6 Birch Sap2 Powder of Darkness
Essence of NatureApprentice 19002 Fruit of Nature6 Fortune Teller's Mushroom6 Maple Sap2 Trace of Earth
Essence of PerfectionApprentice 19002 Fruit of Perfection6 Sunrise Herb6 Maple Sap2 Powder of Flame
Essence of the SunApprentice 19002 Fruit of the Sun6 Arrow Mushroom6 Pine Sap2 Trace of Earth
EXP ElixirApprentice 19201 Clown's Blood7 Dry Mane Grass5 Pine Sap2 Powder of Flame
Fishers ElixirApprentice 19201 Wise Man's Blood6 Sunrise Herb3 Fir Sap2 Powder of Flame
Gem PolisherApprentice 18002 Trace of Origin1 Pure Powder Reagent4 Processed Coal6 Purified Water
Golden Hand ElixirSkilled 116101 Oil of Storms4 Clear Liquid Reagent4 Fog Mushroom3 Trace of Hunting6 Fir Sap
Griffon's ElixirArtisan 19201 Griffon Claw6 Cedar Sap3 Trace of Battle3 Purified Water2 Sinner's Blood
Grim Reapers ElixirSkilled 116101 Oil of Fortitude4 Pure Powder Reagent2 Sky Mushroom2 Monk's Branch4 Trace of Origin
Helix ElixirApprentice 16 Thuja Sap3 Monk's Branch2 Clown's Blood2 Powder of Flame3 Purified Water
Herbal GunpowderProfessionl 107001 Insectivore Plant Powder1 Powder of Darkness
Herbal PosionProfessionl 107001 Insecitvore Plant Sap5 Amanita Mushroom
Khalk's ElixirSkilled 120001 Fugitive Khalk's Skin10 White Cedar Sap5 Trace of Chaos4 Purified Water2 Oil of Corruption
Leather GlazeApprentice 18003 Maple Sap2 Powder of Darkness3 Trace of Ascension1 Clear Liquid Reagent
Legendary Beast's BloodApprentice 18001 Spirit's Leaf1 Trace Of Earth1 Pure Powder Reagent2 Blood 5
Looney ElixirProfessionl 19204 Moss Tree Sap2 Volcanic Umbrella Mushroom3 Powder of Flam5 Red Tree Lump1 Violet Flower
Metal SolventApprentice 18003 Melted Iron Shard2 Trace Of Savagery1 Clear Liquid Reagent4 Rough Stone
Oil of CorruptionSkilled 114001 Sinner's Blood1 Spirit's Leaf1 Fruit of the Sun1 Powder of Darkness
Oil of FortitudeSkilled 114001 Clown's Blood1 Monk's Branch1 Fruit of Nature1 Powder of Flame
Oil of RegenerationSkilled 114001 Legendary Beast's Blood1 Red Tree Lump1 Fruit of Crimson Flame1 Powder of Crevice
Oil of StormsSkilled 114001 Tyrant's Blood1 Old Tree Bark1 Fruit of Abundance1 Powder of Time
Oil of the AbyssArtisan 114001 Tyrant's Blood1 Deep Sea Fruit2 Powder of Time2 Bloody Tree Knot
Oil of TranquilitySkilled 114001 Wise Man's Blood1 Bloody Tree Knot1 Fruit of Magic Power1 Powder of Earth
Perfume of CourageSkilled 120001 Blue Whale Oil3 Trace of Violence6 Bloody Tree Knot4 Purified Water2 Clear Liquid Reagent
Perfume of SwiftnessSkilled 120001 Blue Whale Oil4 Powder of Time6 Everlasting Herb4 Purified Water2 Clear Liquid Reagent
Plywood HardenerApprentice 18004 Fir Sap1 Pure Powder Reagent3 Bloody Tree Knot3 Trace Of Earth
Pure Powder ReagentBeginner 14001 Sugar1 Silver Azalea1 Weeds1 Purified Water
Resurrection ElixirApprentice 14601 Clear Liquid Reagent3 Sunrise Herb3 Purified Water2 Small HP Potion
Sinner's BloodApprentice 18001 Bloody Tree Knot1 Powder of Flame1 Clear Liquid Reagent2 Blood 2
Special Honey JarBeginner 12 Top-Quality Cooking Honey5 Fruit of Abundance1 Essence of Liquor2 Purified Water
Spirit Perfume ElixirGuru 120001 Dead Tree Essence1 Fruit of Nature10 Loopy Tree Sap10 Powder of Darkness2 Violet Flower
Tyrant's BloodApprentice 18001 Monk's Branch1 Trace Of Savagery1 Pure Powder Reagent2 Blood 4
Weenie ElixirProfessional 19204 Moss Tree Sap2 Blue Umbrella Mushroom3 Powder of Time5 Monk's Branch1 Sky Blue Flower
Whale Tendon ElixirSkilled 114001 Blue Whale Tendon1 Clown's Blood12 Ash Sap5 Purified Water2 Clear Liquid Reagent
Whale Tendon PotionApprentice 18001 Blue Whale Tendon3 Medium HP Potion3 Medium MP Potion8 Purified Water
Wise Man's BloodApprentice 18001 Monk's Branch1 Trace Of Ascension1 Clear Liquid Reagent2 Blood 3
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