Alchemy Buffs and Effects.
Recipe Buff
Antidote ElixirCures Poison
Clear Liquid Reagent
Clown's Blood
Defense ElixirDamage Reduction +5/10
Elixir of AmityAmity Gain +20/30%
Elixir of AssassinationBase Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of Burn RemovalCures Burning
Elixir of CarnageDown Attack Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of ConcentrationAccuracy +8/12
Elixir of DeathExtra Damage +30/50 on crit
Elixir of Deep Sea
Elixir of Demihuman HuntDamage against Demihumans +10/15
Elixir of DetectionCritical Hit Damage +50/100%
Elixir of DrainingHP Steal 3/5 on Crit
Elixir of EnduranceStamina +100/150
Elixir of EnergyMP Recovery 10/15
Elixir of FrenzyAll DP -10/15 All AP +20/25
Elixir of FuryAll Attack +10/15
Elixir of HemostasisCures Bleeding
Elixir of Human HuntDamage Against Humas +6/11
Elixir of LifeMax HP +100/150
Elixir of MentalityMax MP +100/150
Elixir of PenetrationBack Attack damage +30/50
Elixir of ResistanceDebuff Resisance monsters +10/15
Elixir of SealIncrease Breath Guage
Elixir of ShockCritical Hit Chance +2
Elixir of SkyAir Attack Damage +50/100
Elixir of SpellsCasting Speed +2/3
Elixir of SwiftnessMovement Speed +2/3
Elixir of TimeLife Skill EXP +10/15%
Elixir of TrainingMount EXP +8/10%
Elixir of WillDamage From Monsters -15/20%
Elixir of WindAttack Speed +2/3
Elixir of WingsIncreased Jump Height
Essence of Abundance
Essence of Crimson Flame
Essence of Destruction
Essence of Enchantment
Essence of Magic Power
Essence of Nature
Essence of Perfection
Essence of the Sun
EXP ElixirEXP +15%
Fishers ElixirFish Speed +2
Gem Polisher
Golden Hand ElixirLuck +2/3
Griffon's Elixir
Grim Reapers ElixirHP Steal +1/3
Herbal Gunpowder
Herbal Posion
Khalk's Eilixir
Leather Glaze
Legendary Beast's Blood
Looney Elixir
Metal Solvent
Oil of Corruption
Oil of Fortitude
Oil of Regeneration
Oil of Storms
Oil of the Abyss
Oil of Tranquility
Perfume of CourageAll attack +25 Max HP +200 Attack/Cast +
Perfume of Swiftness200 Weight Limit +20% Life XP +5 Attack
Plywood Hardener
Pure Powder Reagent
Resurrection ElixirHP Recovery +10/15
Sinner's Blood
Tyrant's Blood
Weenie Elixir
Whale Tendon Elixirdamage reduction +100/125
Whale Tendon PotionHP Recovery 500/750 MP/WP/SP 300/500
Wise Man's Blood
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