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5-25-18 Totally Reworked Cooking Recipes to modernize, easier on eyes. Split it Cooking Recipes and Food Buffs and Effects

5-24-18 Cooking Recipes Recipes Updated, all new Added.

5-24-18 Navigation bar has been improved make sure to hit CTRL+F5 one time on any page to update. (If it hasn't)

5-24-18 Added Farm Crops for Alchemy Fruits Gathering Hedgehog NPC Trade Items List Black Stone Powder Farming CP Use Crystal Effects Fairy Item XP List Discord Links Black Book

5-24-18 New Site Navigation added, as the previous method could not really support more pages, and I have abut 180 I never got around to adding. Enjoy the NEW streamlined look!

1-20-17 Black Desert Onlines upcoming naval-focused expansion, Margoria, is set to arrive Wednesday, January 25. In addition to adding new treasure-filled sea areas and a new harbor that connects to a new territory, the Margoria Expansion will introduce underwater monster hunting, ship construction, over 100 new quests, guild versus guild naval combat the best way to establish dominance on the new trade routes and more.

Your adventures in this expansion will be more rewarding if you prepare materials for your Personal Epheria Tradeship / Battleship It also will help to level up your fishing skill now. Fishing and trade will be big income makers and best of all it will be more AFK income, also check out how to make crates in large amounts or an alternative to rolling with the elephant. Have fun and see you all in the new content.

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