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Slippy Restarts
Direct Connect:
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Server Name: Slippy
Direct Connect:
Location: Dallas, Texas, USA
If neither a search nor the direct connect work, add Incendar on Steam and use the "join game" feature.

+ 18+ Server.
+ PVE MMO-like long term server. Slot expansions when needed.
+ Loners, (E)RPers and groups of friends are welcome.
+ Max 7 people per clan.
+ Durability use, thirst and hunger reduced.
+ Level cap will be adjusted later as needed.

+ Be respectful and courteous to other players (no griefing, no -isms in chat, no spamming, no harassing and/or targeting, etc).
+ No building extensively on the noob area or blocking off key map locations.
+ No exploiting or hacking or anything like-minded.

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